2012 National BikeTrial Championship

We return once again to one of our favourite BikeTrial riding grounds for the 2012 National BikeTrial Championship!

The rocks and steep terrain at the Bukit Batok Town Park (Xiao Guilin) will be the proving grounds where Singapore’s top BikeTrial riders compete for the Elite, J. Senior, and Open championship titles.

There will still be a Nature Ride category for mountain bikers who would like to have a feel of what a BikeTrial competition is like. It’s a safe and simple way of testing one’s skill as you maneuver through rocks, roots, and tight sections. Experienced mountain bikers may join the MTB category if they would like an even greater challenge.

If you prefer to enjoy the action from behind the tape, don’t worry, we warmly welcome you guys to come down and give the riders your support. Feel free to bring your family/friends/pets along and be a part of the 2012 National BikeTrial Championship as this event is open to public!

The 2012 National BikeTrial Championship is proudly sponsored by:
AttitudeBikes Pte Ltd, StickerWrapz, OhCheese, Monty, and Queens Cut.

We are also kindly supported by: BikeTrial Asia Union, BikeTrial Singapore, and the National Parks Board.

Last but not least, we would like to express our sincere thanks to our fellow riders Kaden Low and Charissa Lee for sponsoring the cash and prizes!

Registration forms are available for download here!

Kindly drop off your registration forms at the BikeTrial Singapore office, 118 Telok Kurau Road, Singapore 423803, (+65)63444579.

Participants under the age of 18 are to have the consent of their parent/guardian.

Registration fees are priced at $25(Elite, J. Senior), and $15(MTB, Open/Nature Ride).

Late registration will be open at the competition venue from 0830hrs to 0900hrs on the 3rd of June, where an additional late fee of $15 will be imposed.


2011 National BikeTrial Challenge!

Back by popular demand, we present to you the 2011 NATIONAL BIKETRIAL CHALLENGE!

If you have not heard about BikeTrial, here’s your chance! We encourage you to bring your family along to this exciting event, and catch a glimpse of what a BikeTrial competition is all about! It will definetly be a unique way to spend a Sunday!

For those of you who are more adventurous, there will be a Nature Ride category for mountain bikers to have a feel of what a BikeTrial competition is like. It’s a safe and simple way to test one’s skills at maneuvering through obstacles like rock gardens, tight trail entries/corners etc!

As long as you have a helmet, gloves, shoes and most importantly a bicycle, you are good to go! There are prizes to be won for Nature Ride participants too!

Registration is priced at $10 for the Nature Ride category. But for every registration, you get to sign a friend up for FREE!

If you will be taking public transport, the park is a 5 minute walk from Bukit Gombak MRT Station. Alternatively, you may take Bus Service 945 from Bukit Batok Bus Interchange.

The 2011 National BikeTrial Challenge is proudly brought to you by: AttitudeBikes Pte Ltd, StickerWrapz, with OhCheese as our official media partner. We are also kindly supported by: BikeTrial Asia Union, BikeTrial Singapore, and the National Parks Board.

The registration form is available for download here!
* Registration closes 28th Nov 2011.

National BikeTrial Championship 2010 , Final Round

The National BikeTrial Championship 2010 had ended for the year with the final round held at Pasir Ris town park where 17 riders in two categories fought it out for their last chance in this re categorization year to establish their position in 2011 in Elite, Senior or Junior Category.

Bright sunny day blessed the competition of 7 sections and two laps with a truck time of 4 hours. More then sufficient time for the riders to enjoy the sections that are build with only one thing in mind, to have a clear differentiation of the riders base of their score so we can re distribute them to different categories for next year.

Here we are, some of the highlights of the competition and the results at the end of the page. you may also see the full album on our FaceBook Page. Results and prize giving will be done on the 18th December at BikeTrial Office 7pm! see you there!

Official Results


With a new trend of 24″ street and BikeTrial Fusion. A new discipline and a new line of products from a few trial brands emerged in the market in the recent years. And Inspired Bicycles being the fore father of this new, unique and exciting way of show casing BikeTrial and Street Riding inspired and attracted many new and old riders of the sport.This is exactly what happen when Ot Pi’s father, Pedro Pi, started making Monty BikeTrial Bicycles 25 years ago. Here we have, and we share some of the latest video from some of the Inspired riders.

Ali C and His Inspired Hex 26″ Street-Trial Bicycle.

Danny Macaskill on his Inspired Fourplay with Redbull’s 24″ Street-Trial Video “Way Back Home”

Inspired Bicycles going 26″ !

As many would have known from forums or websites, that there will be a full line up of 2011 Street/Trial Bikes available from Inspired Bicycles. From a new entry level model which is catered for riders who wants to have a taste of what Street Trial riding is all about , to hardcore fans of the all time proven Inspired Fourplay Pro and Team Bikes. And nevertheless the hottest addition must be the 26″ HEX Street Trial Bike following Inspired Bicycles success in their 24″ Inspired Fourplay ridden by You-tube Celebrity Danny MacAskill. With the introduction of more bikes available from Inspired Bicycles, we hope to see more of these bikes in our BikeTrial Competition!

Inspired HEX 26″ Street Trial Bike.

New Inspired 24″ FourPlay Bike. Spot the new Disc Brake Mounts ( finally!) on the rear!

Do watch out for more news as they slowly release more bikes to the public!

News source from AttitudeBikes Web Blog

National BikeTrial Championship 2010 Round 1, Xiao Guiling.

The first round of the National BikeTrial Championship 2010 was held at Bukit Gombak Nature Reserve, also know as Xiao Guiling. For 2010 there will be only 2 round of National BikeTrial Championship with only 2 categories, Junior and Senior. This was due to the fact that when we ended National Championship last year, we receive many request of re-categorization of the Elites and Seniors. As the level of the top riders of each category is of great difference to the mid and low level riders of the same category. So, at the end of 2010, BikeTrial Singapore will decide to promote top riders from Senior to Elite, and the rest to remain in Senior and Junior.

Here’s our Senior champion of the day, Kaden low, he has been riding BikeTrial More then 10 years now. But his passion and dedication never dies! He recently just set a new Step jump record for Singapore at 149cm!

Next up we have the runner up of Senior , Benjamin Loh. Newly released from army and busy adapting to his working life, he made sure he fought hard to regain the championship title from 2009! Round 2 will be exciting to watch these two riders go head to head again!

Following close behind is Matthew Tan, finish 3rd despite recent recoveries from his illness, and still with a hint of flu during the competition, this didn’t stop him from fighting hard against Kaden and Benjamin. Talk about fighting spirit and giving the top riders a run for their money!

Next we also have the junior riders Andrea Lim, currently busy training to be a profession in the culinary industry, working his bike as well as his knifes and woks! but here in the picture, calculating to make sure he does not make mistake at this critical part of the section!

Another rider worth mentioning will be Joshua Weng, coming back to the BikeTrial Scene after taking a break without competition, he back to the field with a new trend. A 24″ Inspired 4 play street/trial bike. Using his basic techniques and 24″ street styles, he came in first in the Junior category! Will we be seeing more of the 24″ bikes in competition?

The winners of Senior
1st place Kaden Low
2nd place Benjamin loh
3rd place Matthew Tan

The winners of Junior
1st place Joshua Weng
2nd place Clement Ng
3rd place Gavin Ong

As you can see, we all come from different work groups in this busy society today. But when its time for a National Championship, we get together and put up a competition, a good show, and have a good time! How about a group photo!

Many Thanks for our sponsors, Monty and Attitude Bikes for their support.

We enjoy organizing competition like this, simply because of the riders. We enjoy that they enjoyed the competition, and we smiled at the fact that they laughed in their seriousness for the competition and at the same time giving their 100%. We sincerely thank all riders and the organizing committee for their contribution to the sport BikeTrial in Singapore. Because of these people who has the passion and given their dedication to the sport, we have our own family – BikeTrial Singapore.

Walton Seah,
BikeTrial Singapore

2010 National BikeTrial Championship.

The 2010 National BikeTrial Championship season will be commencing once again with the 1st round of competition starting on the 17th of October!

Round 1: Xiao Guilin (Bukit Gombak), 17 October, 8am.
Round 2: Pasir Ris Town Park, 12 December, 8am.
*Do take note that the location of Round 2 has been changed to Pasir Ris Town Park instead of Pasir Ris Park.
8am Reporting time for competititors
830am-930am Equipment and Bike Check
930am-1000am Riders and Observer Meeting
1000am 1st Rider flag off.
2pm-230pm Last rider return
3pm-330pm Prize Giving ceremony and Tear down

Truck Time : 4 hours
5 Sections , 3 Laps, total of 15 Sections.
Section Viewing Available after 3pm on Sat, 16/10/2010

Entry Fee – $25 per round
*Riders are advised to register 1 week before the competition dates as no late registration will be accepted.

Junior – 20″ to 26″
Senior – 20″ to 26″ ( Cat for Re-selection of Elite 2011)

Date Line for Reg:- 11/10/2010 3pm sharp.

Registration at:
BikeTrial Singapore
BikeTrial Asia Union Office
118 Telok Kurau Road
Singapore 423803
+65 63444579
+65 81124923